The world's most noble grape deserves a grand celebration, and this gathering of producers, academics, Masters of Wine, writers, beverage professionals, and Riesling enthusiasts promises to deliver.
In-depth tastings, seminars, carousing dinners, restorative beer, and all manner of wine geekery await.
Join us for a fabulous Riesling fete! We look forward to welcoming the Riesling World to our home in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

Dear Riesling Producers, Trade, and Enthusiasts;

Save the date for the first ever FLXcursion:
A global celebration of Riesling, its companion wines, and its terroir!

A conference that will take you across the Finger Lakes region of New York as we consider Riesling, its viticulture, and its associated varietals here and in the wine-growing world at large.

Because Riesling is worth celebrating in all its forms, and we want to return the hospitality that the Finger Lakes has received when visiting so many of our comrade regions and industry supporters.

Geneva, New York as the main base, with transportation to event sites around the FLX. This may be New York, but this conference will be decidedly Off-Broadway.

Sunday, July 21st through Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

You! Plus a star-studded cast of producers and industry professionals from across the Riesling world.

Special Note:
For those who were planning to attend Riesling Rendezvous this year, that event will be postponed until 2020. With their agreement and encouragement, however, the FLXcursion will instead occur on those same dates.

More information to follow!

The FLXcursion Steering Committee

Kelby James Russell, Co-Chair
Winemaker, Red Newt Cellars and Empire Estate

Oskar Bynke, Co-Chair
Co-Owner, Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard

Nova Cadamatre, MW
Trestle Thirty One

Sam Filler
Executive Director, New York Wine and Grape Foundation

Bill Jensen
Owner & Beverage Director, Tail Up Goat

Stuart Pigott
Contributing Editor at and Author

Dustin Wilson, MS
Co-Founder, Verve Wine